Development-oriented coaching

Problems in teams undermine the functioning of your organisation and lead to absence and turmoil. Reconnect with your team with a proven people-oriented approach.

Problems in the team?

If teamwork within your (management) team is failing or relationships with the team leader, manager or CEO are faltering:

  • results will fall short because of a lack of efficiency in the team
  • staff burnout or bore-out will take hold, leading to absence and further hampering the team’s work
  • the team will see its leader as an obstacle and look for other people to take decisions

When problems in a team escalate, the team flounders and this damages your organisation. Don’t let that happen.

A well-oiled machine

Picture this: relationships within your team and with leaders have been restored. The office is filled with positive energy and a sense of initiative again, and every team member feels empowered. Enthusiasm has been boosted, results are up and (self-managing) ownership has increased. Team members and team leaders pursue the same objective, are aware of role they play and attack this role with real determination. Your organisation is back on track and ready for whatever challenges the future holds.

Sound too good to be true? This is how I made it happen for other organisations:

  1. Taking stock of your team | Are your team members and team leader introverts or extroverts? Are they people-oriented or results-focused? Are they motivated by inspiration or discipline? Do they focus in a pragmatic or associative manner? And how does the team function as a whole? With Lumina Spark, Lumina Team and Lumina Leader, I’ll map out your team’s profile, as well as that of each individual member.
  2. Shared goals | What is this team’s objective? And how do we achieve these goals? Every step taken is evaluated for whether it is useful, contributes to the objectives and is consistent with every team member’s values. The GROW model is one of my favoured approaches for this.
  3. Closer connections | Once team members are happily working, I will use communication as a unifying element to enhance team dynamics (“we-thinking”) and will help team members continuously evaluate their approach, based in part on the NLP TOTE Model.
  4. Moving forward independently | By using development-oriented coaching and zooming out to both people level and organisation level, I will enhance your team members’ and leaders’ self-awareness and self-leadership. The Vorkmodel® will help them take control and work autonomously.

The first step towards a close-knit team

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